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Stormfire Productions transforms your inner world with the magic of audio storytelling.

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"We all have that power, that ability to weave stories and words and make them real. I guess we should be careful how we use it."

An Award-Winning Podcast Production Company

A partnership with Stormfire Productions is a collaborative, creative business relationship with the goal of launching a fiction podcast together.

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The Ortiz Twins Are Coming Home

Fiction Podcast Evangelists

We are a queer, multiethnic independent production company that cares deeply about stories that reach across barriers. Our shows have been internationally featured at conferences, film festivals, press, radio, and more.

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Stormfire Productions is your guide to the world of audio drama.


Avoid the gatekeepers. Bring your novel, play, or script to life with audio.


We can help you fine tune your podcast production process, from pre-pro to launch.


Crowdfunding, audience growth, marketing, social media, merchandising, and more.