Stormfire Productions Presents: The Storyteller Project

Stormfire Productions Presents: The Storyteller Project

November 28-December 3, 2022

An experiment with our collective investment in the arts.

Over the course of 5 days, I will create a story that is equal to the effort expected out of a part time job earning the living wage in my area: $23 per hour. I hope to demonstrate – in real time – what the anatomy of a story and investment in the arts can look like as traditional means fail us.

As Twitter has shown us, the internet is becoming decentralized. The means by which we share our stories is also becoming more decentralized. It can look like the battlegrounds of new streaming sites, or it can feel a little bit older and more steady — like your favorite cafe or pub.

The Storyteller Project invites you to find your own fire. You can follow this project via your own particular hearth: Email, Tumblr, Discord, Facebook, Patreon, and more.

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