Tales from the Hearth: The Wedding Gift

Tales from the Hearth: The Wedding Gift

Three brothers. A magical pair of dice. A wedding disaster which must be averted. 

Listen now to “The Wedding Gift”, a modern folk tale and audio short created, written, performed, and produced by Lisette Alvarez as a part of the Storyteller Project. Thank you to everyone who has supported, shared, and listened to the journey so far. We’ll be back in the new year with a new experiment.

We have until December 4th to raise $500 for the Storyteller Project fund, and we are 54% of the way there. Please consider contributing. 

All sound and music was sourced with a Creative Commons or Attribution license at FreeSound.org. The tango piece, Passion Tango, was created by Lena Orsa.

Thank you for listening. 



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