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Thanks to a community of passionate audio drama listeners and creatives, Stormfire Productions is exploring new worlds. Help me make the final stretch to doing this full-time.

Crowdfund Goal: $3,200


Stretch Goal: $5,000


Deadline: Halloween

An indie creator with a big ambition.

Hi. My name is Lisette Alvarez. I have spent the last 7 years writing and producing stories that matter.
I would like to spend the rest furthering the future of storytelling.

The creative arts and its benefits to our economy, culture, and society has often been overlooked and undervalued in the United States. Creative endeavors contribute to 6% of global GDP but often purposefully go unsupported and unrecognized. I am exploring new ways of opening space and resources for myself and other professional creatives beyond conventional funding sources such as venture capitalists, Hollywood studios, and advertising revenue. I believe the arts are essential to our society, our culture, and our economy – and I am committed in finding new ways to contribute.

I am spending the last four months of 2023 completing development for an audio drama like you’ve never heard before. I am right on the edge of being able to not just make this story possible, but my dream of sustainable creative career. That edge is just $3,200 away. And I am determined to transform my office life for good.

Why not use Patreon or Indiegogo to raise funds?

I already have capital invested in this project. Stormfire Productions also has a Patreon. However, short-term crowdfunding is best suited for my goal here. Platforms like Indiegogo or Seed&Spark, while useful and ubiquitous, often take a large cut of crowdfunds and have been unstable in the past. I am using the best tool, my own proprietary website, to build a specialized crowdfunding platform and cut out the middle man.

So…what will $3,200 actually do?

It will bring the wisdom of “crowdsourcing” to my endeavors and labor for focused writing and story development, the equivalent of a part time job. It will be a reflection of a community that values their storytellers and their work. And most importantly…an additional $3,200 covers enough professional and production expenses that will allow me to finally transcend corporate life and prove to myself that, yes, an alternative is possible in creative community.

Project: Borderless is the pseudonym for my multimedia, alternative reality thriller that is in active development.

Scripts are complete, and strategy has begun. I am currently working with sound and game designers to build a truly immersive story.

This project is meant to explore sibling ties, international politics and spy craft, ancient mythology, and the way borders both separate and define us. It is also meant to cross the barriers between fiction podcasts, gaming, social media, geocaching, guerrilla marketing and language. By reaching this $3,200 goal, I will be able focus on building this innovative, deeply personal story.

This crowdfund is also inspired by my work with The Storyteller Project, which is an experiment in our collective investment in the arts. This year’s folk tales are woven in with the same process that builds Project: Borderless. By supporting the campaign, you will also be supporting the creation of modern folk tales for the world we live in.

Stretch Goals & Campaign Risks/Rewards

By reaching the $3,200 goal, I will add additional perks to the gifts. The “Toss a Coin” levels receive all 5 folk tale charms, the “Bardic Gift Box” will include a travel token, and the “Hero’s Journey” will receive a charm tailored to their own set of tarot readings.

Any additional funds raised will be earmarked towards design and production of Project: Borderless.

If we reach the stretch goal of $5,000, I will perform a live show in 2024 with one of the Hero’s Journey participants who has volunteered to showcase her own final tarot reading live!

There is always a risk that production will be delayed. However, I have experience in the fulfillment of multiple crowdfunding campaigns multiple times this size. I also have seven years of experience running campaigns and productions entirely on my own. In fact, all materials for the gift boxes are already collected.

It is also important for me to note that this crowdfund campaign is not directly for this project. It is to give me, the storyteller, additional time and resources to do this work.

The Gifts

These gifts are meant to represent what it is like to be a storyteller in community, what our roles are, and what meaning we impress upon the people who hear us.


Toss a Coin: $7 and over

Monthly collective tarot reading.
A postcard with an elephant charm from audio folk tale “Ali and the Tower”.
A weekly sneak peek into my upcoming multimedia thriller.
GOAL MET ADD-ON: All 5 folk tale charms

Bardic Gift Box: $250

A gift package with mug, stickers, a spell bag, charged notebook, and all five 2023 Storyteller Project experiment charms.

– Monthly collective tarot reading
– Postcard with charm
– Weekly sneak peeks
– GOAL MET ADD-ON: Safe travels token

3 of 4 remaining

A Hero's Journey: $500

A personal three-card tarot reading every month for seven months…to follow a hero’s journey.

– Gift package
– Monthly collective tarot reading
– Postcard with charm
– Weekly sneak peeks
– GOAL MET ADD-ON: Personalized charm


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