Experiment #2: A Collective Tarot Reading

Experiment #2: A Collective Tarot Reading

WARNING: Unedited 30+ minute podcast episode ahead.

And we’re back with another experiement in collective creativity in order to make a modern folk tale! If you joined us back in December, you’ll notice the format is more or less the same, with a few strange hiccups and coincidences because, well, magick.

Enjoy and share our tarot reading on social media, which you can find wherever you find your hearth. 

The decks used:

Tarot of the Divine by Yoshi Yoshitani

Next World Tarot by Christy C. Road

The final spread:

  • The nature of the main character(s): The Moon (Divine)
  • The nature of the conflict: Four of Cups Reversed (Next World)
  • The character’s motivation: Six of Cups (Next World)
  • The allies/skills needed: The Hanged Man (Divine)
  • What must be sacrificed: The Lovers (Next World)
  • The antagonist: The Fool (Divine)
  • The message: The Fool (Next World)
  • A message from collective’s shadow: The Moon (Next World)

See and share the tarot spread across our social media. Find your hearth.

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Tomorrow will be a posting of the logline and a moodboard.

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