Experiment #2 Status: UGH!

Experiment #2 Status: UGH!

I know, I KNOW. It’s such a stereotypical moment in what is basically a writing experiment, right?

Writer’s block.

Well, friends, I am still working on the script for “The Seamstress Who Wove the Moon”, but with a few life + work things I have been a tad bit swamped with little energy to write more than a paragraph at a time, let alone a 3000ish-word script plus recording and sound editing in a day. I have proven to myself that it can be done and that it can even be done in 24 hours…but the question remains: should it?

Now, let’s bring forward the evidence in this experiment compared to the first one. Well, in the first experiment I had started just as I was finishing multiple projects. I was exhausted by the end of it, but I was able to do the five day sprint and didn’t have a whole lot of other things vying for my attention.

Compare that to this experiment, which I began right as I was beginning multiple projects. Now, I technically still had about the same amount of time as this experiment also fell over a weekend, but my attention and energy was more diffused.

Here is a mid-point non-peer-reviewed list of my findings thus far:

  1. Attention matters. Multitasking adds more time to the completion of this experiment.
  2. Weekends don’t necessarily mean free time. It is rest time. I don’t wanna work on weekends!
  3. Starting is easy. The last step is the hardest.

I have a couple of other theories about this experiment in storytelling amidst the collective, but I think I need to run this experiment a few more times to get the data to confirm!

I will and want to complete “The Seamstress Who Wove the Moon”. It is actually fun to write. I just need more time and time management. If you can, I’d appreciate a little bit of community support. Whether it is a shout out on social, a few bucks for coffee, or just a private message. My well is running a little dry but I’m working on putting enough in the tank to cross the finish line.

Consider this a little bit of vulnerability and trust in a community that is trusting me to make a story for them. Thank you for following so far, it’s been amazing to see this little hearth grow!


Lisette Alvarez

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