Experiment #3 Begins TOMORROW

Experiment #3 Begins TOMORROW

The Storyteller Project returns with a new experiment beginning Friday, August 4th. 

Since the last project, which ended with a brand new modern audio folk tale called “The Seamstress Who Wove The Moon”, I have also interviewed other storytellers about their position within their community and their chosen vocation. Listen to my latest interviews with storytellers across mediums, including the creator of the experimental horror audio drama The Moon Crown, an expert on the intersection of trickster archetype and the African diaspora, and an oral storyteller with a mission to re-enchant adults with the magic of storytelling on the Tales from the Hearth podcast!

I am also inviting you to experiment #3, which begins with a collective tarot reading–performed live on our Discord channel.

An experiment with our

collective investment in the arts.

Over the course of the experiment, which runs from Friday through Monday, I will create a story that is equal to the effort expected out of a part time job earning the living wage in my area: $23 per hour. This will include a variety of activities to create a new micro-podcast by the end of the week. This podcast is a part of my work with you, my community, to create stories that tap into our collective unconscious and offer something we might all need.

I hope to demonstrate – in real time – what the anatomy of a story and investment in the arts can look like as traditional means fail us.

This is also a mini-crowdfund…with a twist. No matter how much I raise (even a whole $0), there will be a piece of work completed and paid for from the Storyteller Project fund. And after the week is done, any money raised over $200 will go to the next storyteller who wishes to use this experiment.

The Storyteller Project invites you to find your own fire. You can follow this project via your own particular hearth: Email, Tumblr, Discord, Facebook, Patreon, and now…TikTok! The first day’s challenge — the collective tarot reading — will stream live on our Discord TOMORROW, Friday at 12PM ET. Come join us!

Thank you so much for your support. I am excited to continue this experiment, and to make stories in community.

Lisette Alvarez

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