Immerse yourself in audio magic.

Stormfire Productions is a podcast production company focused on the magic of audio drama.

Mission & Vision

Stormfire Productions values and produces stories that make people feel more connected with the magic and mystery of everyday life. Our mission is to create a better vision for the future of audio storytelling.

Our Values.

  • We believe our stories matter. And if we value our stories, that means we value where the stories come from–not just from ourselves but also others. Our stories are our own, our stories can be shared, our stories can be conflicting, and all of that matters. We believe that the stories created by those who are vulnerable and historically and currently disenfranchised are valuable and need to be prioritized.

  • We believe stories should inspire and seek truths. Sometimes the road to Truth is difficult, and so is the creative search for truth in our stories. We should always endeavor for our stories to inspire those most vulnerable and provide a mirror to our society.

  • We believe artists are humans first. The health and safety of our artists comes first, before any act of creativity. We strive to create a nurturing, sustainable, and resourceful atmosphere through many methods; including through finances, policy, attitude, and understanding.

  • We believe storytelling is a transformative act. Catharsis through stories can allow people to release trauma, prompt important conversations in communities, and can contribute to the vision of a better world for all. We understand the power of storytelling and take on the responsibility of its transformative potential.

Lisette Alvarez at a Podcast Movement Audio Drama panel.

Community + Land Acknowledgment

We build global relationships and make art within our respective creative communities, online and in person.

In order to further our right relationship with the land and the people who continue to tend and hold it sacred, we acknowledge that many of us are creating on the lands of Indigenous as well as in majority Black and Latine communities.

Stormfire Productions is incorporated on the lands of the Nacotchtank, Pamunkey, Piscataway, Powhatan, Saponi, Seneca, Tauxenent, Tutelo and others. Our leadership also works on the lands of the Coast Salish people, the traditional home of all tribes and bands within the Duwamish, Suquamish, Tulalip and Muckleshoot nations. We acknowledge and respect the traditions and communities we work with now and in the future, and offer that same respect to those communities we may not yet know and are committed to learning. We pay respects to their elders past and present and honor their truths.

This statement is a beginning. It may evolve over time as we learn. Land acknowledgment is only a start in applying justice towards our BIPOC siblings. Stormfire Productions also commits to including BIPOC artists and stories in our work and to support those artists and communities through platforming and resources. We will continue building relationships with all marginalized people.

No justice, no peace.

The Team

Founder, Executive Producer

Lisette Alvarez

After a decade of experience as a multimedia storyteller, Lisette Alvarez founded Stormfire Productions in 2019. Lisette wrote and produced the company’s award-winning flagship show Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services.

Executive Producer

Whitney Johnson

Whitney Johnson is a trained performer, writer, and historian. As a developmental editor, she has worked on novels, short stories, poetry chapbooks, and scripts, offering guidance at all stages of the creative process.