Stormfire Productions Consultation Services

So you want to launch a fiction podcast?

Welcome to the audio drama club!

Our consultations help you develop your work so that it is aligned with the industry and truly expands this audio-first medium. Whether you have a fiction podcast script, idea, or have a script or a novel you want to adapt into an audio drama, Stormfire Productions can give you the insider knowledge on bringing your story to life.

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Bypassing the gatekeepers.

Types of stories that we work with.

Breaking into the entertainment business has always been a drag. Especially for those of us historically marginalized by popular media. Many people are turning to podcasting as a way to make their voices heard. Fiction podcasting, in particular, is a fast-growing industry filled with innovative and exciting new stories.

Consider fiction podcasting if you are a writer or producer of:

  • Novels
  • Plays
  • Television
  • Films
  • Short stories
  • RPG games
  • Poetry
  • Memoir
  • Experimental media

…and so much more.

Podcast Consultation Services

We consult on three main aspects of fiction podcasting: creative, production, and marketing.

Adapting your story to audio.

Stormfire Productions provides general consultation on all aspects of storytelling, including plot development, acting, writing for the ear, and more.

Consulting services may include:

  • Plot development + story conceptual planning
  • Pre-production consultation (casting, directing, timelines, etc.)
  • Medium-specific best practices (audio, stage, books, etc)
  • Growth opportunities/scalability

Understanding the production process.

Once your scripts are written, production is the most important aspect of launching any fiction podcast. Stormfire Productions can offer insight tasks specific to the needs of the production and launching a successful show.

Production consultation services may include:

  • Options for timelines and production structures
  • Fiction podcast tools and technology
  • How to conduct great rehearsals/table readings
  • Conflict and inclusion policies
  • Choosing your cast and crew

Fostering audience growth and the big one: funding!

Stormfire Productions has robust digital marketing consultations to reach new audiences and create communities based around your story.

Marketing & community building consultations may cover:

  • Crowdfunding
  • Sponsorships/Advertising
  • Patreon
  • Merchandise
  • Social media
  • Websites
  • Analytics

Why Stormfire Productions?

Stormfire Productions has experience and a proven track record of success in fiction podcasting and audio drama.

01. We’re storytellers. Just like you.

We’re not bigwigs or managers; we are writers, creators, actors, and artists. We want to get in the weeds with you and your story.

02. We focus on fiction.

We are one of the few fiction podcast production companies with consultation services, which maintains quality and depth of medium-specific resources, expertise, and recommendations.

03. We are connected.

We have established relationships with other successful and independent podcast production organizations and creators.

Just want to get the lay of the land?

Schedule an initial podcast consultation.