Production Partnerships

Are you looking for a partner in bringing your story to life?

Stormfire Productions will soon begin full-scale fiction podcast production partnerships.

What does a Stormfire Productions partnership look like?

A partnership with Stormfire Productions is a collaborative, creative business relationship.

Partnerships may include Stormfire Productions in co-writing/editing, pre-production, production/post-production, marketing management, live show planning, and more.

Why choose Stormfire Productions to help produce my story?

Stormfire Productions has experience and a proven track record of success in fiction podcasting and audio drama. We’re not big wigs or managers who only focus on keeping time and budgets on track — we are writers, creators, actors, and artists. We are storytellers just like you. We want to get in the weeds with you and your story.

Creative labor can be shared. We want to give others the opportunities we were given (or not given, in some cases) to share stories with the world.

Who owns the story at the end of the day? Who profits?

Even though each production will be unique in story and needs, our values drive our partnerships. Stormfire Productions seeks equity in supporting new and upcoming storytellers, and demands protection of the most vulnerable. Our policies and agreements reflect that commitment to protecting the rights, health, and creative autonomy of the individual artist. We expect our partners to share those values.

Stormfire Productions is in the process of developing a scalable production structure for optioned stories and co-written stories. Solicited productions will have profit-sharing and intellectual property protection agreements. We conspire to create a system where all artists are paid fairly and sustainably for their art.

We are still developing our structures for production partnerships, but we are open to starting a conversation. Does your story weave magic?

The Production Process

Are you unfamiliar with a full-scale fiction podcast production process, and what working on a Stormfire Production would look like? Here are a few key areas to review when considering a partnership with us.


With our partners, Stormfire Productions can be involved in all aspects of storytelling, including plot development, writing, editing and more.

Co-creating with Stormfire Productions may include:

  • Plot development
  • Story conceptual planning
  • World building
  • Collaborative, medium-specific writing and/or adaptation (audio, stage, books, etc)
  • Editing (alpha, beta, sensitivity reading, etc)


Pre-production is once of the most important aspects of launching any story. With our partners, Stormfire Productions will help plan timelines, assess budgets, recruit cast and crew, and other tasks specific to the needs of the production.


Stormfire Productions are involved through rehearsals, recordings, editing, and beyond.

Comprehensive production may include:

  • Directing
  • Acting
  • Sound design
  • Commissioning visual art


In order to create successful & sustainable productions, marketing and budgeting are key aspects of Stormfire Productions partnerships. Stormfire Productions collaborate with partners to develop fundraising, profit-sharing, and audience-building plans.

Live Shows

For select fiction podcasts, Stormfire Productions has the capacity to take them to the stage.

Comprehensive production services may include:

  • Cross-medium story development
  • Location scouting
  • Budgeting
  • Cast & crew coordination
  • Live show marketing planning and management
  • Day-of performance management


Just because we know things, doesn’t mean we know everything. Skill sharing, advocating new ideas and tools, expanding the fiction podcasting industry, and helping each other out are key expressions of our values and mission. A partnership with Stormfire Productions entails a learning experience. We hope you join us.

Stories We Work With

Are you interested in breaking into fiction podcasting, but need that little bit of extra guidance? Our partnerships help you develop your work so that it is aligned with the industry and truly expands the medium.

Whether you have an audio fiction/fiction podcast script, idea, or have a teleplay or even a book you want to adapt into an audio drama, Stormfire Productions is interested in the stories you are bringing to life.

Don’t see yourself here? Contact us. We want to know how you are telling your story, in whatever medium it manifests.

Let’s create something together.