Partner Shows

Each Stormfire Productions partnership is a unique creative relationship.

Learn more about our production partnerships structures, and consider working with Stormfire Productions.

stormfire productions partner shows


Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services is an on-going urban fantasy podcast about a witch’s documentation of her clients and how she deals with a mysterious saboteur who is trying to destroy her magick business. It is written by Stormfire Productions owner Lisette Alvarez. You can follow the show on Twitter @kalilastormfire.

Stormfire Productions Partnership with KALILA STORMFIRE included:

  • Script writing
  • Directing
  • Acting
  • Cast & crew development: sound designer, actors, sensitivity readers
  • Full pre/post production
  • Marketing consultation & co-marketing
  • Live show


BLACK FRIDAY is a strange phenomenon that turns white people into black people. Told in eight parts, the first episode premieres November 29, 2019 with a new episode every week. BLACK FRIDAY is written, produced, and directed by Tycho Newman. This is his first foray into audio fiction. You can follow on Twitter @blackfridaycast.


Stormfire Productions Partnership with BLACK FRIDAY included:

  • Casting consultation and outreach
  • Production consultation
  • Marketing consultation & co-marketing
  • Trailer/teaser ideation
  • Acting talent – Lisette Alvarez


An upcoming, experimental, limited anthology project in partnership with LEGENDSMITH PRODUCTIONS.

Keep an eye on this space, Patreon, or on Twitter for additional announcements.

Untitled Adventure Podcast

Stormfire Productions founder Lisette Alvarez and prolific audio drama creator A.R. Olivieri are co-writing a limited-run adventure series inspired by Caribbean folk tales.

Keep an eye on this space, Patreon, or on Twitter for additional announcements.

Stories We Work With

Are you interested in breaking into fiction podcasting, but need that little bit of extra guidance? Our partnerships help you develop your work so that it is aligned with the industry and truly expands the medium.

Whether you have an audio fiction/fiction podcast script, idea, or have a teleplay or even a book you want to adapt into an audio drama, Stormfire Productions is interested in the stories you are bringing to life.

Don’t see yourself here? Contact us. We want to know how you are telling your story, in whatever medium it manifests.

Let’s create something together.