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is now closed

Please check back in late Summer 2021 for our 2021 submission window.

What We’re Looking For

This world desperately needs stories that matter. Sometimes, by framing big ideas in fiction, we find it easier to connect with important messages about being human and finding magic in the world. 

We’re looking for stories that provoke catharsis, which means the narrative should have the potential to guide the listener into an immersive, emotional experience. We are looking at stories that re-enchant storytelling, tropes, and genre and that challenge prescriptive definitions of genre. Who gets to win? What are the rules? And what does this all really mean? We are looking for good storytelling; stories that make you look at the world, people, and yourself at a different way.

We aren’t looking for scripts that are supremely clever with dazzling sound design and magnificent plot twists (though that’s a bonus, too). We aren’t looking for technical genius.

We are looking for storytelling magic.

submission guidelines

For the inaugural Spring/Summer Submission Window, we will select ONE new partnership. This partnership will be paid through a profit-sharing agreement. Exact payment is dependent upon funds raised and financial demands of the selected show.

For example, our latest season of Kalila Stormfire averaged $300 per actor, $150-200 per episode for the sound designer, and $500 for the writer/creator.

Three (3) runner-up submissions will be offered a heavily discounted production consultation.


2021 Submission Window: Late Summer 2021 (exact dates TBD)



You will be asked to provide three written pitches in the submission form in addition to a PDF/document file of your completed work:

  1. Short pitch summary about your work (250 words max)
  2. Why does this story matter to you? (500 words max)
  3. Why do you want to work with Stormfire Productions? (500 words max)

The person/team submitting must be the writers/owners of the intellectual property. We do not accept fan works.

Submission Length:

Your submission must be less than 50,000 words total and must be COMPLETE. That means we do accept multi-episode formats under 50,000 words, but it must be a complete story/single season. We not accept continuing series or sequels.

Accepted Formats:
  • Script (audio drama, screenplay, play script)
  • Novel/novella
  • Short story

Note: If you submit anything not a script, you must to commit to formatting it into a script. Stormfire Productions will assist in the process of adaptation.

Content Restrictions:

All submissions must include any relevant content warnings. Please note if you have already run the content through sensitivity readers.

We are open to narratives that include difficult content with the right context. We will work with writers to identify sensitive topics and best practices in addressing them with empathy and nuance, including hiring sensitivity readers.

The narrative must not include:

  • explicit depictions of sexual assault/rape
  • underage sexual content
  • graphic violence
  • unchallenged bigotry

Selection Process

When the submission window closes, Stormfire Productions will review all submissions for 3-4 weeks.

Those selected for partnership will receive a partnership offer via email regarding next steps. If you wish to decline the offer, or if we do not hear back within one (1) week of an offer made, the offer may pass to a runner-up.

All applicants will be notified once a decision has been made.

If you want to learn more about what kinds of shows we work with, check out our partner show page.

Accessibility & Inclusion

Stormfire Productions seeks to ensure that ALL storytellers have the chance to apply. If you need assistance in submitting your application for ANY reason, including but not limited to disability, resource restrictions, or language capacity–please reach out to us directly.

Stormfire Productions is in the process of recruiting accessibility partners for all of our engagements.

Do you need more information or assistance in submitting? Please email us at or via our contact form.

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