Award-Winning Fiction Podcast Shows.

This world desperately needs stories that matter. Sometimes, by framing big ideas in fiction, we find it easier to connect with important messages about being human and finding magic in the world.

We’re creating stories that provoke catharsis.

Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services

Stormfire Productions’ flagship audio drama.

A witch for hire. An anonymous critic hellbent on ruining her business. A world of magic and shadows.

Tales from the Hearth

An experiment in our collective investment in the arts.

An interview and modern folk tale podcast series created by the Storyteller Project.

The Wedding Gift

A modern folk tale about three brothers who must save their sister’s wedding from ruin over a magical pair of dice.

The Mouse’s Wife

A modern folktale about a young woman unwillingly betrothed to a mouse, and her journey to save him.

The Seamstress Who Wove the Moon

A three-part modern folktale about a seamstress commissioned to weave a cloak made of moonbeams.

Ali and the Tower

A modern folk tale about the lengths one would take to become a legend.

Experiment #4: December 2023

Experiment #5: March 2024

Partner Shows and Specials

Black Friday

A speculative fiction podcast about a shocking demographic change.

Ask Eldritch podcast cover with an outline of a black cat sitting on a stylized podcast mic. A city is in greyscale in the background.

Ask Eldritch

A Patreon-only mini series about Kalila’s feisty tech mage of a cat, Eldritch, and his radio show for familiars.

Ortiz Twins Coming Soon

The Ortiz Twins Are Coming Home

COMING SOON: A middle grade fantasy podcast about twins who must save their grandfather.

Production Partnerships

We are looking for stories that re-enchant storytelling and that challenge prescriptive definitions of genre. Who gets to win? What are the rules? And what does this all really mean?

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Are you interested in partnering with us?

We aren’t looking for scripts that are supremely clever with dazzling sound design and magnificent plot twists (though that’s a bonus, too). We aren’t looking for technical genius. We are looking for storytelling magic.